23 Wedding Banner Ideas – Brides

Do a quick search on Pinterest and you’re sure to come up with plenty of wedding signs—they’re a cute, personalized element to incorporate into your ceremony and reception décor. Signs are a helpful way to welcome guests, give them directions, and clue them in on wedding details, like the signature cocktail choices and the various cake flavors on offer. And while basic paper signs will get the job done, you could instead use this as an opportunity to get creative with your signage displays. Enter our latest favorite wedding trend: banner signs. Print the wedding details directly onto pieces of fabric like cotton or linen, then hang the banner in a spot where guests can easily see.

A wedding banner can be used in just about any way possible on your day. Think welcome signs, seating assignments, food and bar menus, flower girl and ring bearer signs, escort displays, and the like. We’ve seen couples put wedding banners at the forefront of the aisle, the reception entrance, attach them to the ceremony arch, hang them on trees, on the backs of reception chairs, and just about everywhere in between.

Remember, if you’re going with a long, statement banner you’ll need somewhere with a high point to hang it so it can flow in all its glory without getting bunched up and dirty. If a sign for your flower girl appeals to you, attach a string on each end of the rod so she can wear it like a necklace, rather than having to juggle it in her hands while trying to toss petals.

Need some banner-sign inspiration? Check out some of our favorite takes on this wedding trend.